Anthony Vasiliadis, is a Cinematographer based in Portland, Oregon. Born in Texas to Greek immigrants, he discovered his passion for visual storytelling early on. With 15 years of experience, he’s directed photography for various projects including narratives, documentaries, commercials, and corporate videos. Known for his calm demeanor and problem-solving skills, he excels in achieving remarkable results with limited resources, maintaining quality and creativity in every frame.

“Anthony has been an invaluable asset to my team for years, serving as both a videographer and video editor on numerous projects, including our longstanding collaborations with Nike. Working with Anthony is not just seamless; it’s a pleasure from start to finish.
One of Anthony’s standout qualities is his ease of collaboration. On set, he’s not just a skilled technician; he’s a keen problem-solver. No matter the challenge, Anthony consistently provides innovative solutions that keep our productions running smoothly. His keen eye for detail ensures that every shot is captured flawlessly, setting the stage for his masterful editing work later on.
What truly sets Anthony apart is his intuitive understanding of the producer’s perspective. As someone who wears multiple hats, I greatly appreciate how Anthony anticipates my needs and effortlessly translates them into action. His ability to navigate the demands of even the most difficult clients with grace and professionalism is commendable.
Beyond his technical expertise, Anthony’s demeanor makes him a joy to work with. His calm and unwavering outlook makes the stresses of production feel manageable. In Anthony, I’ve found not just a skilled collaborator, but a true partner who enhances every project he touches.
I wholeheartedly recommend Anthony to anyone seeking a videographer and video editor who not only delivers exceptional work but also makes the entire process a pleasure.”

-Ben Mund, Photographer/Director

“Anthony is a very gifted DP and has done a fantastic job for me on the projects we’ve worked together on. He is a master at getting amazing lighting using very few sources, and that allows him to work very quickly. He has a great eye and comes up with good suggestions for amazing shots. He is my go to DP in the Pacific Northwest and you’d be happy to have him on any production, I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

-Shane Michaels, Director

“Anthony is really amazing – brings passion and intelligence to every job. He is a great listener and collaborator, making your own ideas even better every time. (When I told Anthony I have never liked the second camera on an interview set-up, feeling it’s distracting and takes the viewer out of the story, he suggested a solution I still marvel at.)”

-Nick Davis, Director

“I had a great experience working with Anthony Vasiliadis. From his professional and friendly demeanor during a challenging music filming session, to his fantastic post-production work and collaboration with all team members. His communication was excellent, and above all, he delivered a fantastic result on time.”

-Tomas Cotik, Professor of Violin

“My work with Anthony has spanned almost five years and several projects including the feature Dead Mom Card. To write a testament to him means going back to how I work, how he works, and how we work together.
What do I look for in a DP?
WORK ETHIC – willingness to work, to do what needs to be done and to go beyond the minimum, to continually strive to do better within time constraints. 
THOUGHTFUL CREATIVITY – insight into the thought process behind the script, anticipation of problems, and providing solutions in-line with the overall vision. 
COMPATIBILITY – easy to be around and work with, great attitude, clear communication skills necessary for collaboration. 
Those are a lot of boxes to tick…and Anthony Vasiliadis ticks them all with me.”

-Steve Perkins, Director

“Regarding my directorial debut film, “Pip & Squeek go Viral ” of all my crew, I would consider Anthony Vasiliadis a keystone of the project. This comedic short film featured live puppetry with elaborate set pieces and largely improvised dialogue, so much of which unfolded in multiple takes that it would have been easy to miss the “good bits”…
As camera operator, Anthony captured those moments with precision and suggested alternative cover shots using innovative camera moves…  and then, as the editor, he managed to piece these disparate  elements into a seamless final product to such an extent that it looked as if I had planned it that way. Not to mention that I could depend on Anthony to understand and capture the comedic timing… to find the rhythm and pinpoint the correct beats so necessary to successfully connect with an audience of a large age range. In show business, they say it’s difficult to work with children and animals, but puppets add a whole other depth of difficulty. Looking back on this project, I had more time to focus on directing the performers because I could trust that Anthony would get the shot and remember where we found the best moments and it would reflect in the final edit. I’m not certain I would attempt another film without Anthony on my crew.”

-Rob D’Arc, Director/Puppet Master

“Anthony’s work is exceptional from start to finish; from prompt and thorough communication, professionalism on job sites, to a beautifully captured end-product. We have been thrilled with Anthony’s work time and again over many years of working together”

-Monica Ohuchi, Executive Director Fear No Music

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